McHale 991

The McHale 991 high speed bale wrapper sets the pace for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. The 991 high speed bale wrapper features practical design, quality components and precision engineering making the McHale bale wrapping range the first choice for contractors and farmers.

The 991 high speed model is an efficient and effective round bale wrapper featuring practical design, quality components and precision engineering.

  • Two 750 mm aluminium dispensers 
  • Smooth and even bale rotation
  • Hydraulically operated cut and tie system
  • Quick fit film dispensers
  • Patented bale dampener system
  • Cab mounted control console
  • Film break sensors fitted

Two 750 mm aluminium dispensers maintain a consistent stretch, which maximises film usage. The dispenser units consist of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios. The two dispensers on the 991 High Speed are stepped so that there is an overlap where the two sheets of plastic come together.




Trailed Model [Round] 991 HIGH SPEED

Height to top of Wrapper Rollers 2.46m (8’1")
Transportation Width 2.45m (8’2")
Transportation Length 5.7m (19’)
Total Height 2.46m (8'1")
Weight (unladen) 1950kg (4299 lbs)
Dispensers (70-55%) Two 750mm Dispensers
Electrical Requirements 12 volt from battery or euro plug
Hydraulic Connections 2 X 1/2"
Hydraulic Requirements 22 litres/ min @ 170 bar
Attachment to Tractor Tow Bar
Working Speed of Table (up to) 30 rotations/ min
Lifting Capacity @170 bar 1100 kgs (2425 lbs)
Wheel Dimensions 350/50 - 16
Control Console Expert