McHale Fusion 3 Pro

The McHale Fusion 3 Pro is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which is controlled by the iTouch control console.

The McHale Fusion 3 Pro provides new levels of operator comfort with its large 7″ touch screen monitor, in-cab net and density adjustment, camera, and faster wrapping speeds along with a host of other features. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro uses net to bind the bale in the chamber and features the McHale patented bale transfer and vertical wrapping ring, which are noted for their reliability, speed and positive bale transfer in hilly conditions.

New features on the Fusion 3 over the earlier Fusion 2 include:-

  • New machine guards – giving better access and a more modern look
  • New platform and hand rails – for easier access to net system
  • Door lock tap located outside the panels on the main platform for operator convenience
  • Improved net storage – on main platform
  • Heavy duty watershield pto – with star tubing and heavy duty crosses
  • 5 tine bar pick up – giving 25% better ground cleaning and crop transfer
  • Knife pressure display on control box with audible alarm
  • Knife position sensor – to ensure the best chop quality
  • Double row rotor bearing – reducing service intervals
  • Tubular chassis design – to minimise crop build up
  • Additional film roll holders – giving more film storage
  • LED Lights

Fusion3 Pro-Advantages

The Advantages

  • McHale patented bale transfer

The bale chamber on the McHale Fusion 3 Pro integrated baler wrapper splits horizontally (like a clam shell) and the lower section of the bale chamber doubles as a transfer mechanism to transfer the netted bale into the vertical wrapping ring.

  • Split drive gearbox

On the McHale Fusion 3 Pro Integrated Baler Wrapper the left hand side of the gearbox drives the rollers in the bale chamber, while the pick up and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct short transfer paths and optimal power distribution.

  • Pick up

The McHale Fusion 3 Pro integrated baler wrapper is fitted with a high capacity 2.1 metre galvanised pick up which lifts even the shortest of crop. Accurate height control can be achieved through a spring balanced hydraulic lifting system. The pick up is fitted with lateral feed augers that smoothly guide the crop into the chopping unit.

  • Rotor & chopper unit

The rotor design encourages a uniform crop flow, which reduces the risk of blockage, thus maximising output. The chopping unit features 25 knives. Knives in the chopping unit are made from hardened tool steel and can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab. When engaged, the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent chop quality.


McHale Fusion 3 Pro – iTouch Control Unit


The operators link to this efficient machine is the iTouch Control Console with its large 7” touch screen monitor. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro comes fitted with a camera as standard to monitor the transfer and wrapping operation at the rear of the machine. The camera image automatically displays on the 7” monitor in the tractor cab at key points throughout the cycle – when the bale is being transferred to the wrapping table, at the beginning of the wrapping cycle and when the bale is about to be tipped. The iTouch control console has a second camera input if required.